Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Library and why it assuages my fear.

As I said in the previous post. It is September.

I should add something else to that. I am afraid. Afraid of being left behind, afraid of malaise. Afraid of being dependent rather than being an independent person, afraid of being lost in the usual ebb of a dullards £20'000 sales job and a flat in shitville where the rest of the joyless twats live out their sorry lives. I would be no good at a dullards sales job anyway.

Today I have found the solution. That holy grail of a place that gives me nothing but focus.

Bromley Library.

A strange idea maybe, but to me simply being out of the house is a blessing. My productivity has skyrocketed and I have already started to catch up on my payed work. Now if only I wasn't going to play minigolf instead of doing something a little more productive.... ah screw it, life's too short. MINIGOLF FOR THE WIN

Oh. Whilst I have you, I will still be writing to these radio places. Along with a couple of creative production places looking for a 'lil work experience. Really I need to get on with a bit of the ol' podcasting though. That seems like a far better idea.

So here are my lessons for the day.

1. You have left university.
2. Coming home is your own fucking fault, you knew it would make you unhappy and it has.
3. At least admit that 50% of this is because you think it will be harder to get laid down here.
4. Get out of the house before 2pm. That is not a work ethic.
5. Sack in your piece of shit job AS SOON as you find something better.
6. Actually find something better.
7. Be happy with what you have.

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